Ken Pullin


Ken Pullin is a principled conservative outsider who is ready to step up to the plate as Georgia House Representative in District 131, which includes Pike, Upson, and Lamar counties.  Ken believes principles, not power, should govern decisions made when representing the people of District 131.  Are we helping to decrease, not increase the size of government?  Are we making it easier to do business in Georgia?  Are we lessening the tax burden on families and businesses?  Are we promoting personal responsibility?  And finally, are we exercising the proper role of government?  These are all questions that should be asked and answered with any legislation up for vote in Georgia.

Ken and his wife, Shelby, are very active in local politics.  Both have been members of the Pike County GOP since 2013, with Ken serving as Pike County GOP Vice Chairman since 2015 and Shelby serving as Pike County GOP Treasurer since 2013.  Ken is also a state committee member of the Georgia Republican Party.  Ken recently received an endorsement from the Georgia Republican Assembly, a principled conservative grassroots organization in Georgia.

Ken and Shelby have been married for 14 years and have 2 children, Luke and Libby.